Lt. Col. Sir Henry Albert John Gidney born 09.07.1873 represented the Anglo Indian community for over 20 years and was educated at Bangalore, Calcutta and Allahabad before attending Edinburgh, University College Hospital, London & Cambridge.

Gidney was barely 16 years of age when he joined the Medical College. He stood first place in his first and second examinations while achieving this he studied for intermediate arts at the Allahabad University and secured 3 gold medals.

Henry’s performance at the round table conference represented his work for the community. The All India Anglo Indian Association pushed for the representation at the conference and this was fortunately granted. The conference took place and was opened by King George V. The prime minister spoke at the conference and selected 5 people from the Indian Delegation to speak that the formal opening and once of which was Sir Gidney. Henry spoke on the 18th November 1930.

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